Author Topic: Interactive Preview Settings permanent setting  (Read 5400 times)

2019-06-27, 08:56:50


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Hi folks,

the new interactive preview is great. Thanks for adding that.
It needs one tiny thing to be perfect.

The possibility to set the quality once and keep it there for every scene I
create or to have it set after a restart of c4d. A global setting if you like.
I don't want to go into the settings every time. 50% is a pretty low but fast setting.
I get that but having an option in the rendersettings would make that great.

AND "ESC" to cancel the rendering like in the picture viewer would be a nice addition. I got
the palette in my interface but hot key junkie over here. ;)



This was my original post on this matter.

First of all, Thank you, everybody involved getting Corona 4 in our hands that fast.

One small question.

I love the new interactive rendering option and put it in an additional viewport window for constant use.
Can the 50% accuracy setting be adjusted permanently? It's ok but I would love to set it to like 75 or 80
permanently. Right now it resets to 50 % every time I open a new scene or restart c4d.