Author Topic: Corona scatter ? 1,000,000 objects ?  (Read 1537 times)

2019-07-05, 07:20:22


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I've just saw an interesting tutorial for Octane + Cinema4d:
What's interesting is the fact that he uses "Octane scatter" to scatter 100,000 cubes on a surface, and the viewport moves smooth. Also it takes just 2 seconds to calculate this - and I'm not talking about the render itself which of course will be fast since this is GPU.
When he change the clones count from 100,000 to 1,000,000 (at 6:25) it takes Cinema4d 5 seconds to calculate this. When I try to recreate this with mograph my machine barely can calculate 50,000 clones (AMD threadtripper 1950X, 64gb ram)

So...first let me say that the fact that we can't use multi instances with the IR is a big drawback...
And second - I know there's corona scatter for max, is there a plan to make corona scatter for c4d too ? and will it be able to handle 1,000,000 clones ?

2019-07-05, 08:25:20
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If you ask me I think just supporting Multi-Instances would be enough. Cloner is quite powerful and has most of the features of Corona Scatter for scattering but it also has quite a lot of extra features because of the effectors and fields.

So yeah, I personally just think that getting Multi-Instances to work would be enough. Scattering with them is quite powerful in C4D imho :)