Author Topic: Using Nvidia Denoiser lost after saving CXR? why?  (Read 483 times)

2019-07-14, 13:58:26


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I'm using corona 3
While rendering and using nvidia denoiser, it git rid of the noise, but if |I save it and opening the image by corona image editor, the noise is back, even if I try to denoise again by nvidia, it keep exist.
Any idea why?

2019-07-16, 11:01:38
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Why Corona 3 instead of 4?
Are you using the NVIDIA denoiser in regular rendering or in IR?

If you do it like this, it should definitely work:
- Enable the NVIDIA denoiser in Render Setup > Scene > Denoising
- Render your image
- Stop rendering
- Press and hold on the "Save" icon in the VFB and select "Save CXR..."
- Then open the resulting image in CIE and denoise it again using the NVIDIA denoiser