Author Topic: Baking reflection to diffuse?  (Read 672 times)

2019-07-21, 22:16:42


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Is there a way to render to texture the reflectivity to the diffuse slot?

I have a model using Corona materials with diffuse bitmap textures and reflectivity bitmaps. I want to bake those materials down to my model and have that in one uv map.

I tried doing a Corona diffuse and then a Corona reflective color, but the reflect just comes out as the original tiled bitmap.

So is there any way I can project materials with reflection down to my model?

Any help would greatly appreciated.
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2019-07-25, 15:12:08
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Sorry, but I don't understand this request. :(
Can you please try to explain what exactly you are doing? (like, what kind of object you are rendering, what do you need to do with textures and why)
Maybe some kind of screenshot or schematic image would help.