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2019-07-26, 19:50:19


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"A normal map appears to be using input image with incorrect gamma. This can cause shading artifacts.
Offending map: Map #5233989   Select object »   Learn more »"


Introduces in the strongest confusion, why can't this tick be automated?
in 100% of cases, it is always necessary to switch manually or using a corona converter.
If the gamma is not correct, allow the Corona Normal to automatically switch.
If during the automatic switching the gamma is displayed incorrectly, let the user correct it by clicking on the check mark, after the automatic action will stop working.
This error message is not needed.
As if the gamma is not defined correctly, in any case, the tick should be removed. You will be bothered by this message.
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2019-07-29, 04:41:31
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I agreewith this, and I requested a some sort of a global switch to the gamma warning a few months ago:
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2019-07-29, 14:31:06
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Thanks, we already have this reported and will work on improving this.
The biggest challenge is that this is not 100% reliable, so sometimes you may see this warning even if the normal map renders correctly.

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