Author Topic: threadripper 2990wx lags while using Interactive rendering in corona  (Read 2090 times)

2019-11-26, 12:49:45
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I also have 2990wx with X399 Aorus Xtreme, 64GB 2933 RAM, GTX1080ti 11GB and I'm facing same problems as Rhodesy and arpit077 are describing.

Do you have a 4k monitor ?

2019-11-26, 13:04:40
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2019-11-26, 14:35:16
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not even heat-sinks on them

Memory doesn't need heatsink, it's only for branding/marketing. In fact, it often only makes things worse.

Ah, I know sorry bad phrasing on this. Every xeon build I've ever had, did not have heat sinks ^^ but it's expected from professional/server builds, although even that tends to change lately.

What I meant to say is that he paid so much money for an expensive cpu/gpu yet his motherboard/ram/psu was the cheapest he could get, not even entry level cheap, we are talking no packaging cheap. And in return the machine was limping for months, till we've properly upgraded.
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2019-11-26, 15:15:43
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Juraj Talcik

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Lot of people sadly do this. The PSU is specially egregious as you can even burn your house ;- )  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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