Author Topic: DR error. Slave error  (Read 1663 times)

2019-08-25, 13:48:26


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DR error. Accumulating EXR from slave*** failed with error: Got lex::BaseExc:error reading pixel data from image file"memory". Unexpected data blocky coordinate..
Corona 4.1 latest update. Actually, DR slave is trying to save exr file even the main box for saving is unticked

The file is too large though. I couldn't attach it
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2019-08-26, 14:50:31
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Hi! For sending the scene, the link in rowmann's signature ( includes the private uploader, which has a method for uploading files of up to 10GB ( for the direct link). I mention his signature as he did say in the other thread that details on how to upload were at that link :)