Author Topic: Refurbished workstation for 1300€ or building my own?  (Read 2247 times)

2019-08-31, 19:15:53


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Hello everyone.

I’m a student of architecture and I’m going to do some arch. renders as a freelancer. I would like to get the best “bang for the buck” within a budget of 1300€. Since I’m not an expert about computers and haven’t built any yet I was looking for some refurbished workstations such as this:

HP Z820 Workstation
2x Intel Xeon E5-2637 v2, 3,50 GHz, 500 GB SSD + 500 GB SSD + 500 GB SSD + 3 000 GB HDD, 131 072 MB RAM, nVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB, Windows 10 Professional

Is it a reasonable computer to buy or will I get much better performance with a computer that I build myself? And if so, what would be the best configuration for 1300€?

As I said I will mainly do architectural renders of interiors and exteriors, the scenes may be quite large (containing 3D plants and trees), I’m not going to do animations.

I would appreciate any opinion or help. Thank you in advance.

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