Author Topic: Corona Renderer 5 for 3ds Max (Release Candidate 1) is out now!  (Read 9669 times)

2019-10-14, 16:29:08


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Corona Renderer 5 for 3ds Max (Release Candidate 1) is out now!

Everyone with an active FairSaaS or Box with Subscription license has access, and the download is in the usual location:

A Release Candidate is close to being the final release, but we need your feedback to catch any remaining bugs or other issues from real world testing.

Corona Renderer 5 is focused on optimizing speed and reducing memory usage - here are some of the optimizations that this version brings:
- Caustics speed optimized
- Overall optimizations in geometry storage (most visible benefits will be seen with displacement, and scenes with very complex geometry)
- 2.5D Displacement introduced, for even more significant improvements to memory and render time savings when displacement is used
- Overall optimizations including for geometry pre-processing, scenes with a very large number of instances, the Corona ColorCorrect, and more!
- Also, various quality of life improvements (improved legibility of render stamp, notification in VFB title bar if a render is IR, and so on)
- And of course various bug fixes to round it all out!

Please post all bug reports, questions, etc. on the main Corona Renderer 5 Daily Builds thread at