Author Topic: Corona 5 and 'RAM Creep' when using net work rendering...  (Read 1353 times)

2019-11-08, 10:46:22


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I installed Corona 5, and I've seen a what I call 'RAM Creep' when network rendering (using Deadline), where each consecutive task that a slave renders sees a little increase in RAM until it hits maximum and then the machine starts to use swap. I requeue the slaves manually, and the RAM goes back to normal for the first task, then starts to creep up again. In the attached image of one of my Deadline jobs,  I have three slaves, and all of them saw increases in RAM (last column) until I manually requeued them, and the same thing happened again.

I'd be happy to upload a scene if you need it.
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2019-11-08, 17:46:30
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Any chance you could see if the same happens without Deadline? Just to find out if it's related or not.