Author Topic: Short Movie with Weta Digital VFX collaboration / Urgent!  (Read 477 times)

2019-12-26, 05:32:03


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Interested people please write me at and I'll answer any questions and re-direct you to the Producer.

Posting for the producer/director (verbatim):

"This is a very unique job opportunity to flex your skills and work on a short film made in association with Weta Digital. The majority of the films visual effects were created by Joe Letteri's team at Weta Digital. Their work is complete and we are now looking for a 3D artist to help complete the very last shot in our film. This is an intimate high concept dramatic shot film made by a team of industry professionals based in Hollywood with over 25 years experience. If you are interested we need you start immediately. Please contact directly to find out more information.
Skills and Requirements
Corona 3D
Nuke (optional)