Author Topic: use of colortheory - color wheel digital and analog? - NOT CORONA RELATED  (Read 423 times)

2020-01-01, 14:33:24


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Hi, wish you all a happy new year and hope you have had a chance to celebrate a lot :)

apologize this thread for not beeing corona related.

I am trying to learn more about color and the theory behind.
One thing I stumble accros, by looking videos about colorgrading... they usually explain a special mood in a moviescene, by refering to their (software used) colorwheel, the RGB/CMYK wheel. So the opposite of red whould be cyan.
But if I use a colorwheel from the "old analog" Painter, it would be: opposite of red is green.

Now, when creating an image/collage in photoshop for example, and I want to use an exact complementary colorsceme... which one to choose, to get a correct result?

Am I missing something?
Appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.