Author Topic: 3dsmax service packs  (Read 551 times)

2020-01-03, 12:57:19


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It takes longer to install 3 service packs for max 2020 than it does to install windows and all other software we use.

What are Autodesk playing at???? Its been like this since max 2017. Where is the best place to complain to them?

Sorry, just had to let off steam!

Happy new year everyone :)

2020-01-03, 18:40:21
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I don't think you need to install all 3 if you didn't have Max 2020 installed. Just install the last one.
This is AFAIK.

2020-02-03, 15:09:00
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yes, they are cumulative. So you can just install the last one on fresh max installs. But still. Takes around 30mins or so which is insane! But I just try and time it for around lunch time so it can run while we eat ;) Was a thread on autodesk about it, but it turned into a nerd fight between some keyboard warriors and I stopped reading. Was also too technical for me to understand...
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