Author Topic: CoronaTonemapControl doesnt work or am I missing something ?  (Read 874 times)

2020-01-15, 17:58:30


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So i tried using CoronaTonemapControl to turn off tonemapping of a background in VFB but it still is affected by it.

I tried restarting the render after making changes to Tonemap precedural map but nothing seems to work...

Am i missing something ? or maybe it doesnt work with direct visibility override ?

2020-01-15, 18:19:10
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Working as expected here, both in IR and final rendering (of course, restarting the render in both cases after changing the Exposure value, which is necessary for this to work). Which version of Max and Corona are you using? Can you share the scene? Or perhaps a video showing the steps you are following? Does it happen in all scenes, e.g. a simple one like a cube and plane with the Background Override?