Author Topic: Road uvw details issue  (Read 458 times)

2020-01-21, 12:45:49


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Dear all,

i'm trying to make an Uvw for a road i have in my project.
The surface is quite big (more or less 200x300mt) but i think is a quite common situation with urban projects.
I had same problems also with a smaller one lije 100x50mt.

I made the simple uvw and i created a 9000x9000 texture. I mixed lot of different textures from friendly shade, poliigon etc..
During the process i hade some issues like of course the loss of details because for example friendly shade textures have big resolution (8-16K) but when i scale them inside my canvas in photoshop because the scale of the texture is not correct..if i scale it down everything looks blurried.
Friendly shade texture have a huge amount of details but the original size is 4-5 mt so i have to repeat them lot of time to have the correct scale and cover the entire mesh.

Eveytime i saw unwrap tutorial or making of people works with quite big textures to cover big surface like 5-10k but if you see the attached the eye level view calls "road 02" i have no detail, everything looks blurried and the result is not good.
Is there a proportion between real scale of an object and pixel resolution?

I saw this beautiful making of:

and the quality of the road is peferct but i don't think he used a 100k texture also because the ram usage only for one texture would be unnecessarily large.
I have 128gb of ram but i don't want to use half of it only to load a 100k texture..!

So, if someone could help me to achieve a great result and details as in the making of would be really appreciated because i'm working on it from several days without any great results :-(
Attached you can find two tests, a crop of the uvw texture and the entire one but scaled down to 3k..the original one is 9k.

Thank you in advance guys.