Author Topic: Lock sampling pattern - opinions?  (Read 581 times)

2020-01-22, 02:49:41

Dan Rodgers

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Hi.  I am looking for some opinions regarding the 'Lock Noise Pattern' option in the render settings (on by default).

I am aware that disabling and using Corona's Denoiser can cause some issues with flickering.

I personally don't like the look of a locked noise pattern, it can look a bit weird, like its stuck on the lens.  And since I have been using Redshift a lot more - which has the lock noise pattern turned off by default - I have been hoping to get that more natural grainy look in my renders.

Just wondering if anyone has had much luck or experimented with disabling the "Lock sampling pattern".

Cheers for any thoughts

2020-01-22, 10:46:42
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I think that majority users more often are rendering still images, not animations and for stills, lock noise pattern makes more sense. Anyway. this "issue" is easy to fix, just uncheck options that you don't like and save new settings as custom defaults.
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