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2014-02-20, 13:09:35


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Hi all,
I'm testing a scene that I've created in Max and rendered with Octane.
Not all materials were translated with exactly the same parameters because the two engines are pretty different and I have to learn Corona.
The scenes were cooked 8 hours with Corona and about 4 with Octane
The resolutions were different:
4 hours - 2000x1415 Octane for Max render (4xTitans) - PMC kernel 12 bounces
8 hours - 3507x2480 Corona (2xXeons E5-2660 2.2Ghz) - Progressive PT-PT 12 bounces (raydepth and pt samples)

I can say that Corona produces fine renders using pure PT+PT
With 2 fast workstations with the latest Xeons we can have the same power of 4 Titans.

My conclusions are:
don't buy anymore gpus to do renders except you have to create fast animations using Direct Lightng + Ambient occlusion.
This kernel (DL+AO) is blazing fast on gpus but most of the time we create interiors where the light has to do a lot of bounces.
I hope to see this option in Corona too.
PMC and PT on gpus produces more noise than the one generated by the Embree kernel.
HD Cache sometime produces artefacts similar to the Vray Light cache, for me it's better to use pure path tracing for perfect results and fine details equal to the ones produced by gpus.
As regards the glass material I personally don't like it the one computed by Corona, I don't know if it's physical accurate or not.
In Corona we have displacement, hair and fur support, motion blur, Max procedurals, distributed rendering and many features not available now in gpu based renderers.

Corona is a professional tool.


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2014-02-20, 14:08:02
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Some faster approximate rendering mode is planned, but for now priority is to improve PT+PT/PT+HD as much as possible, since it is the option that is the best combination of quality+speed+simplicity for most use cases.

Do you have any example of glass looking wrong in Corona? In A5 it is by default not rendered with any major fakes.
Rendering is magic.
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2014-02-21, 13:02:04
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I also test with Arion Maxlive( 2x gtx590 ), and Corona is faster in a 4930K !!
I just waiting  for NetRender (DR ) to use Corona in production.
Next release I hope soon.

Now Just in test issues.

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2014-02-21, 14:26:37
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Faster than 2xgx590 on a single cpu is awesome! Great job keymaster