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2020-02-13, 23:29:33


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I would like to know what affects the speed of response in the corona editor.. (Switching on and off light passes in the light mixer , on/off bloom glare) etc
is is it a combination of things or mainly cpu speed?
Im asking this because on my laptop I can switch passes on and off almost instantly, but at work not.. Comparing the same 5k cxr at home and work, at work I will wait a up to 6 seconds for lightmixer to update when unchecking just 1pass, at home is almost instantly.
* at work I have one 4k monitor...  Ive been told at work that the slow response of corona editor is because here i have a 4k monitor and that also there are other company softwares running at the same time. But I believe is the slower clock xeon.
p.s working in photoshop i find it slower on the work computer too...So really I find my laptop faster on everything (except rendering speeds of course, as at work i have 48 threads. )
I need to explain it at our office that my workstation really doesn't perform that well and why. So I can get them to get different specs of computers when getting the next set.

So at home i Have a laptop with:
- I7 7700k at 4.20 GHz base
- nvidia gtx1070
 -Intel 600p Series 1TB PCIe M.2 SSD
- 64 DDR4 2400MHZ

At work
- Dual xeon gold 5118 2.3GHz base frequency
- Quadro RTX 5000
- 64 ram
- samsung-pm981-ssd 500gb


2020-02-18, 09:34:24
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(Mgivanac has sent a support ticket to us and I replied there, but also adding the information here in case it is useful to other users)

The issue is most likely caused by using a 4k display with Windows scaling. Currently the workaround is to disable Windows scaling completely (however this may not be possible because everything would become too small) or to adjust the settings for the Corona Image Editor only. Please see the attached screenshot for instructions.

@Anyone with this issue - let me know if this helps. If not, we will look for other possible culprits.

Some optimizations regarding this are possible in the future.