Author Topic: A360 3Ds Max, scene converter - how to convert Corona scene to work in A360?  (Read 135 times)

2020-03-24, 04:59:34


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Hi guys.
Basically, that's the question.

I have a Corona scene (interior design), and would like to convert it all (lights, materials, every 230 error I get to render it in A360?
In the scene converter, there is no option to convert it to A360?
How can I do it, and everything to work?

Ok, I don't need CoronaSun, CoronaCam, background, portal if that, I've read, doesn't work with A360? But I can't manually convert every light and every material? I have more than 200 problems when trying to render Corona scene in A360, so if anyone knows?

Anyone experienced here when rendering and converting Corona scene to work in A360 or I should repost this in A360 section?
Thanks in advance.

Plus I have the problem that A360 won't let mi switch back to production rendering mode, but I'll solve that by resetting ENU.

2020-03-24, 11:56:18
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Hi. AFAIK Corona is not compatible with A360, and there's no native "free" tool in 3dsMax to make it work. But take a look at UMC (Universal Material Converter). A commercial converter that I think might do it. You can find a link to the maker on Scriptspot or google it.

Hope it helps

2020-03-25, 11:39:55
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I don't think this is supported at this moment, and the chances to have it are very low considering how popular A360 is (this is the first time I hear about it) and how many requests like this we are getting (this is the first request I recall).