Author Topic: Subdivision Surface modifier problem  (Read 483 times)

2020-04-03, 17:18:30


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I just purchased a modet from TurboSquid and applied a Subdivision Surface modifier to some of the objects but something strange happens that I have never seen before.
I am quite a beginner in C4D just so you know.

It looks like the polygons are not connected somehow.
Anyone know what's wrong?


2020-04-03, 17:46:57
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While you might get an answer here from the C4D users, be sure to also post over on C4D forums, helpdesks, Facebook groups etc.

From our side, we help with the rendering, but this one is not a rendering issue, but all about the modeling, which is purely C4D and not Corona :)

2020-04-04, 06:10:56
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The model probably is a bunch of loose polygons indeed, you can try to "optimize" the model to connect the faces, but this might as well go horribly wrong. It is worth a try, though.
Or you just drop the SDS.

2020-04-06, 14:37:16
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This might help, select object, select points, ctrl+a to select all points on object, right mouse click and optimize.