Author Topic: Corona VFB vs V-Ray  (Read 632 times)

2020-04-06, 13:59:31


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I'm currently testing Corona in the hope that I can convince my employer to switch from V-Ray.
I just wondered if there were any plans to update the UI, specifically the VFB?

I know this all sounds a little pedantic but my initial impressions are that the Corona VFB just looks a little.. cheap, especially when compared to V-Ray's (sorry!).

The controls within the sidebar are absolutely fine but the menu icons do not scale well on high dpi displays and the spinning smiley in the menu bar isn't the most professional look, especially when you have clients sat over your shoulder.
Is there any way to disable this?


2020-04-08, 00:25:44
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Yes, they are working hard to redo the entire VFB.

But not in v6.0 from what I know.

2020-04-09, 09:50:33
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Can you give some examples of the VFB not scaling correctly on a high-dpi display?

I'm using a high-dpi display here and I haven't noticed any issues with VFB scaling.


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