Author Topic: Shadow pass comping  (Read 120 times)

2020-06-30, 12:13:24


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Hi, I need help with comping in shadow-pass in C4D Corona, tried rendering shadows in multi-pass, but it gives this coloured, darker image. Maybe someone can give me some input!

Thank you!

2020-06-30, 14:21:08
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Excerpt from What multi-pass channels are available?
Shows the shadows (energy subtracted from the image due to shadow ray occlusion). This is the complement to the beauty pass, showing white where there are black shadows. If this pass is linearly added to the beauty pass, it negates the visible shadows. Note that currently the shadows from environment lighting are always shown, resulting in a washed-out pass in typical interior renders.

And here's a forum topic to get you going: multipass - shadows