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2014-12-18, 18:27:46

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Hi everyone!  I've actually been using Corona quite a bit this year but haven't really put up much of this work here in the Gallery yet.  Thought it would probably be easier to just make one big gallery post to show all my current and past Corona work.

I've been moving more and more full-time with Corona over the last few months and have officially decided I'm done with the other renderers (mostly Vray, Thea, or Maxwell).  I've really been "on the fence" this year trying to decide which engine to move our production work to.  Was kind of a toss up between Thea and Corona, but the latest Thea update (1.4) is still not quite where I wish it could be, so I'm going to finally put my full hopes and support behind Corona! (Can't wait for 1.0!)

Anyhow, comments and critiques are welcome (creative criticism is certainly helpful for improving ones work!) and I'm more the happy to answer any questions.  Thanks!

P.S. Did I mention I LOVE corona render!  It's been such an enjoyable and (mostly) pain free engine to use, certainly compared everything else currently out there!
A big "Thank You!" to Ondra, Adam, Jaroslav, and everyone else helping to build this fantastic piece of software!

Full TPA Corona Images Gallery (Link)


Nov 2014 - Wang Residence (Link)

July 2014 - Brugsteeg Condos (Link)

Dec 2014 - 7th Street Terrace (Link)

Dec 2014 - Telluride Home Design (Link)

Dec 2014-2012 - Greystone Homes (Link)

Nov 2014 - Fontana Townhomes (Link)

Oct 2014 - Mack Townhomes (Link)

Aug 2014 - Westend Harbor Condos (Link)

June-Mar 2014 - ITW Shakeproof (Link)

May 2014 - McHenry Co Proposed Landscaping (Link)

Mar 2014 - Catalyst Highrise Apartments (Link)

Feb 2014 - Westland Bunker Datacenter (Link)

Misc Images & Corona Tests (Link)

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