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2015-06-29, 14:29:40


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Hi everyone
I want to introduce you to my latest project. The “at kitchen” project is a design of a minimalist kitchen in an old tenement house. The project was inspired by interiors of old tenement houses which are transformed by designers into modern interiors while retaining their character.

making of:
This whole scene you can buy in my shop:

Modeling: Adam Bęczkowski
Design, Shading, Rendering, Post-production: Tomek Michalski

Have a nice watching.

Tomek Michalski:

Adam Bęczkowski:

2015-06-29, 14:34:58
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Very nice as usual. Texture tiling on the central counter is pretty noticeable though. :)

2015-06-29, 21:36:58
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Wow !
Really awesome images! Small project but full of nice details and shaders.
I think that the floor could use some love - too regular but it is probably a matter of taste.
The rest is really solid.
Could you tell us something more about the basil leaves shader ? It is spot on !