Chaos Corona for 3ds Max & Cinema 4D

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Best archviz render engine.

Chaos® Corona is the only renderer created from the ground up specifically for the archviz industry. It delivers high-quality, physically based shading for production rendering. Be an artist, not a technician, and achieve realism with greater ease than any other rendering software.

Easy to use

Usability is Chaos Corona’s most powerful feature. Render setup is as simple as pressing “Render”. Most new users learn Corona in just one day — and fall in love with it in two.


We aim to keep Chaos Corona affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, without compromising on its development and features.

Part of an ecosystem

As a Corona user, you are backed by the award-winning Chaos family. Expand your capabilities with Chaos tools guaranteed to integrate smoothly with your favorite render engine.

Download options

Works with Autodesk 3ds Max version 2016-2024

Works with MAXON Cinema 4D R17-2024

What's included

  • Corona, which integrates into your 3D software (varies by installer)
  • Corona Distributed Rendering Server (3ds Max; for Cinema 4D, native Team Render is used)
  • Chaos License Server
  • Chaos Scatter, Chaos Cosmos, Corona Image Editor, Corona Standalone, Corona Material Library (downloaded from our server during installation)
  • Chaos Phoenix*, Chaos Scans*, Chaos Player*

These are the latest commercial releases of Chaos Corona. They come in a universal installer which lets you activate Corona in the required license mode, or in the 30-day unlimited trial mode if you want to just try out Corona. The trial has no resolution limitations or watermarks.

*Licensing for these products is included in the Corona Trial and Corona Premium subscription. To download the installers for Phoenix and Player, visit My Chaos.

"Corona is so good that I haven't been tempted to try a competitor, even though I'm always looking for new and breakthrough technology."

Juraj Talcik, co-founder Talcik&Demovicova and Lysfaere

Created with Corona

"It's intuitive, fast, and reliable, allowing you to focus on creating masterpieces that leave a lasting impression, without technical distractions."

Iain Banks, Partner, Recent Spaces

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