It’s time to get to know Corona!

We have many tutorials on our YouTube channel. Here are a few we’ve selected to get you started:

Chaos Cosmos

With Chaos Cosmos, you can populate your interior with free high-quality objects, without leaving Cinema 4D:

Sun and Sky

HDRI images can be a great way to light a scene, but what about when you want to animate the change from dawn to midday to dusk, or add in that haze on distant mountains? Corona’s procedural Sun and Sky system is the best of any render engine:

Procedural Clouds

Make your skies more interesting and dramatic with Procedural Clouds, which you can tailor to suit the needs of your scene, and which can be easily animated.


One thing you want to start using right away is Denoising, which will dramatically cut down on the amount of time or number of passes you need to get a beautiful, clean end result:

You will also find many more videos on our YouTube channel, and we are adding more all the time!