The latest announcements and other news from Corona Renderer development.

Free version of Corona Renderer

The older version of Corona Renderer - Alpha v6 (released March 2014) - will stay forever free. It is a very capable render engine and we want to give it out for free to everyone who does not want or is not able to afford Corona Renderer 1.0. There is no time lock or limitation of any kind, and you can use it for both educational and commercial projects.

Download Corona Alpha v6 or read more in our release blog post.

NOTE: Corona Alpha v6 will not receive any bug fixes, support or our future attention. This software is available "as is" without warranty of any kind.

Alpha v7.2 is out!

Alpha v7.2 is basically the re-branded version of Alpha 7.1 but with one significant difference - it will work until the end of February 2015. Prior to the release of the commercial 1.0 version, this is the latest stable Corona build. Go get it now.

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