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Bonuses and Discounts

Together with our partners and fellow independent developers we have handpicked and tailored numerous bonuses and discounts for all our customers with yearly Corona FairSaaS licenses.

Disclaimer: these bonuses and discounts are applicable only to yearly FairSaaS license types. They are not applicable to Box, Public Render Farm, and Educational/Student licenses. We do not guarantee availability of the bonuses as it is based on third parties' discretion.

The discount codes are sent automatically upon license purchase as a part of license fulfillment.

List of Bonuses and Discounts

RebusFarm - free render points

RebusFarm aims at fulfilling the growing need of rendering power in the field of 3D-animation. It supports a wide range of 3D applications, including the host-applications, as well as secondary rendering applications. Furthermore RebusFarm targets offering the largest possible rendering capacity at the most affordable price, while maintaining service oriented contact to the customer.

Today RebusFarm is the market leader in terms of capacity, price, reliability, and delivery speed, while continuously developing and researching new technologies to improve the service even further.

RebusFarm provides 120 free render points to all customers of Corona Renderer using FairSaaS (paid yearly).

Validity: until 2021-12-31

GarageFarm.NET - free render credits

GarageFarm.NET is a renderfarm that provides accessible and friendly rendering solutions to its users. With affordable rates and a 24/7 support team consisting of wranglers, developers and IT administrators, they make sure your jobs run smoothly and in the most cost efficient way possible.

GarageFarm.NET supports every major 3D application and render engine, and continuously updates its scene preparation software to facilitate seamless file preparation and transference directly within your 3D package.

GarageFarm.NET awards 150 render credits to Corona Renderer customers with a yearly FairSaaS subscription.

Validity: until 2021-12-31

Terms: The coupon is valid for new GarageFarm.NET customers and should be applied at account registration, one coupon code per account allowed

Triangle Form - discount – all products - 3ds Max only

The goal of Triangle Form store is to provide high-quality products that will make the work of 3D artists, designers and architects more comfortable. All models are compatible with 3ds Max, Cinema 4d, and Corona Renderer - OBJ and FBX formats. The collections consist of 21 high-quality models. Due to a relatively small number of models in the collection, they are of the highest quality.

Triangle Form provides 25% discount on all products to all customers of Corona Renderer using FairSaaS (paid yearly).

Validity: unlimited (until further notice)