Welcome to our Information Superhub. This section attempts to list the most important resources available for Corona Renderer.
It contains links to manuals, tutorials, models, render farms, material libraries, plugins, and more.

Plugins and Scripts

Here is a list of some plugins and scripts that are compatible with Corona Renderer. If you are developing a plugin for 3ds Max or Cinema 4D, please contact us – we will add it to this table or help you make it Corona-compatible.


Name Category License Notes
Phoenix FD Fluid Dynamics Simlulation System Commercial Version 3.11.04 or newer
Forest Pack Lite/Pro Scatter System Free/Commercial Version 4.2.0 or newer
RailClone Lite/Pro Modelling
Scatter System
Free/Commercial Version 2.3 or newer
MultiScatter Scatter System Commercial Version or newer
MultiTexture Map Texmap Free
BerconMaps Texmaps Opensource
ColorCorrect Texmap Free
Deadline Render Management Commercial
GroundWiz Lite/Pro Scatter System Free/Commercial
VIZPARK Walls & Tiles (LE) Texmap Free/Commercial
GeoMaps Texmaps Commercial
ComplexFresnel Texmaps Free Forum Link
Siger Studio XS Material Presets Material Collection
Material Manager
HDR Light Studio Environment Lighting System Commercial
Project Manager Asset Management Commercial
FilePathFinder PRO Asset Management Commercial
ANIMA Character Animation
Crowd System
Free/Commercial Version 2.0 or newer
ProxSi Proxy Commercial
IgNite Productivity
Environment Lighting System
Asset Management
SiClone Scatter System Commercial
Forensic Utility Free
Ornatrix Hair and Fur Commercial
Hair Farm Hair and Fur Commercial
Real HDR Utility
Image Based Lighting
Commercial Tutorial
Vexus Render Pass Manager Commercial Version 3.11 or newer
Pulze Scene Manager Scene and Render Pass Manager Commercial Version 4.0 or newer
Pulze Render Manager Render Management Open Beta Version 4.0 or newer
CoronaToC4D Material Manager Commercial


Name Category Notes
Corona Material/Lights Converter Converter Installed with Corona
VRay proxy to Corona Proxy converter Converter
Panorama exporter Utility
Blender Exporter 3rd Party Exporter
Corona Camera Lister Utility
Corona Batch Image Editor GUI Utility
Material Texture Loader Material Manager
Material Creation
Commercial version only
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