New Horizons – plans for 2017 and beyond

New Horizons

New Horizons for Corona Renderer

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Render Legion and Corona Renderer. We will be doubling our development team so that we can build more great software, and do so faster and smarter.

How? After a long 13 months of perfecting our plans, we have agreed to join forces with Chaos Group, which will make a massive long-term investment in Corona Renderer, paired with a vast amount of their technological IP which will help us to push Corona Renderer and other projects even further.

We firmly believe that by making this move we do the best possible thing for you, our users, to deliver the best tools in the shortest period of time while future-proofing the company.

We are happy that we were able to find a partner who is respectable, skilled and with a proven track record of creating great software, and who shares the same vision about the future of CG software.

Ondra and Vlado

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Anri Ford on using Substance Painter with Corona Renderer

Andrey, better known online as Anri_Ford, is a master at creating automotive renders that stand out from the crowd, because they feature vehicles that are dirty or worn rather than pristine and shiny. We spoke with him about how he has been integrating Allegorithmic’s Substance tools into his workflow alongside Corona Renderer.

Anri_Ford Corona and Substance Blog 01

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Orangegraphics – a company profile

Orangegraphics are a creative studio based in Zabrze, Poland. Founded in 2009, they specialize in focusing on quality rather than quantity. We spoke with founder Gregory Wojnar to learn about the studio and their workflow.

Orangegraphics 5
Click to view in full 6K resolution.

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The making of ‘Nuremberg Bathroom’

“Nuremberg Bathroom” is a project by Mohammadreza Mohseni, co-founder of Vivid Visual Studio. In this article, he shares how the project was made, along with some MAXScript that you may find useful in your own projects!

Nuremberg Bathroom 12 by Mohammadreza Mohseni

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The Making of “Nissan GT-R 2017”

Factotum Pictures created a wonderful set of renders that were 100% CG, right down to the mountains in the background. We asked them to share just how they made these images!

Factotum Pictures Nissan GT-R 2017 full size

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VFX for the movie “Monkey Talks”

“El-Qird Beyitkallem” (translated as “Monkey Talks”) is an Egyptian movie released in January 2017. The story centers around two brothers who plan to free their father using their skills as magicians, and all the VFX in the movie were created by Meda, using Corona Renderer. We spoke with him about his workflow on the movie.

The armored vehicle cuts created for the Egyptian Film Monkey Talk from Meda

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Fyodor, “Last Survivor” concept art

Fyodor is a freelance CG artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia who uses Corona Renderer to create concept art. We spoke with him about his workflow and techniques, focusing on the steps to create one particular image.

Fyodor, Last Survivor, the final concept art image.
The final concept art image.

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Valentinstudio – a company profile

Valentinstudio are a 3D design agency based in Lyon, France, who focus on creating upscale 3D visualizations, including stills and animations. We spoke with the team there to find out more about them, their take on the industry, and what the future has in store.

Villa by Valentinstudio

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CoronaVR July update

Seaford Court by Recent Spaces
Seaford Court by Recent Spaces

There have been quite a few changes to CoronaVR recently, including:

– The ability to link CoronaVR to your Google Drive for easy synchronization of images between your PC and mobile device
– So that you can easily choose to sync either or both versions of the app to GoogleDrive, the Gear VR version of the app has been renamed to “Corona GearVR” (the Android version keeps the same name “Corona VR”)
– The ability to add an icon to run the Corona GearVR version right from your mobile device desktop
– The Corona VrWarp helper object in 3ds Max to create walk-throughs without using any external software
– Improvements in image quality and performance

Full details below!

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Corona and VFX

Daniel Bayona has used Corona Renderer in his VFX work on movies such as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Godzilla, The Hobbit trilogy, and most recently, Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child, and more. We spoke with him to find out about using Corona Renderer in VFX, and what the future has in store.

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