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Download Installers

Here are the most recent installers of Corona Renderer. If you need any specific older installer, please contact us at

Corona Renderer for 3ds Max 1.6 (hotfix 3) – Universal Installer

This is the latest commercial release of Corona Renderer for 3ds Max. It comes in an universal installer, that can be activated both in FairSaaS and Box license mode. If you want to just try Corona, you can activate it in a 45 days unlimited demo mode. There are no resolution limitations, or watermarks, and you can use it even for commercial purposes. It works with 3ds Max 2012-2018.

Download Corona 1.6 (hotfix 3) Mirror Link

Corona Renderer for 3ds Max – Alpha v6 – Free Unlimited Version

Older version of Corona Renderer – Alpha v6 (released in March 2014) – is a fully functional free version. It is a very capable render engine, and we are giving it for free to anyone who does not want or is not able to afford the current version of Corona Renderer. There is no time lock or limitation of any kind. It can be used both for educational and commercial projects. More info in our blog post.

NOTE: Corona Alpha v6 will not receive any bug fixes, support or our future attention. This software is available "as is" without warranty of any kind.

Download Alpha v6

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D – Alpha v6

This is the latest stable version for Cinema 4D. The plugin is still in development and as such is free to use, even for commercial projects. This build supports Cinema 4D R14, R15, R16, R17 or R18 and will expire after the commercial version is released.

Download C4D-Alpha v6 (hotfix 4) – Windows Download C4D-Alpha v6 (hotfix 4) – macOS