Corona forum is our former “homepage”, and is still the best place to get information and help from the community. Use it to show off your work, share your knowledge, or get help from other Coronauts.

Official Media Channels

We use also other social platforms to post news from Corona development, selected gallery works, and more:

Non-Official Communities

Corona Renderer users created their own communities, mostly to discuss Corona in their native language. Here is an incomplete list of the most prominent ones.
Note that we are not officially associated with these groups and have no way of controlling their content.


Brazil CoronaBR
Thailand CoronaRender-Thailand
Corona Renderer Polska
United Kingdom Corona for Cinema 4D
Spain Hablamos Corona
Israel Corona Renderer Israel
UAE ArchitectRush (Arabic)
Turkey Corona render turkey
France Render France
United Kingdom Corona Render
United Kingdom Corona Renderer Education
Vietnam Corona Renderer VietNam
United Kingdom Corona Render World
Vietnam Render Corona, Drink Corona
Russia Corona Renderer Russian
Italy Corona Renderer – Italia


There are no official or officially approved groups on Any groups, pages, etc. on are run by users only, and we have no involvement with, nor do we endorse, their content.


Russian Federation cglife pro
France Matt Guetta