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The thing is this is no longer needed in 3DS Max as it has a feature called "Pan and Zoom", which allows for this 2D movement and zoom in the viewport without destroying your camera settings. So we'd have to implement this in the C4D team. No problem with that, it would just take a bit longer.

Hmm, is anyone else also finding the Quick Shader to be simply too dark at grazing angles?

I have a fairly dark terrain texture and its literally full on black when viewed under grazing angles :o

Hey Nejc, would you have a testing scene for us? That would help us immensely, because we would then be able to test the new implementation against the scene to make sure it's better.

Hi, this is not implemented yet, but we are planning to add it. (Internal ID=347897548)

For now, you can use a fisheye camera with "Fisheye" projection and Mapping factor = 1. It should be the same as perspective camera, provided that you setup the FOV correctly. Of course, this is not optimal and is only a workaround for now...

Hi edub,

I wonder - is it not enough to do the panning and zooming in the viewport instead of directly in the VFB? Or is it suboptimal for some reason?

Thanks for the report, we will have a look at it and hopefully we'll support the flat shading soon as well.

(Internal ID=410801354)

Hi, I'm afraid that this is handled completely by C4D so we cannot do anything about it. We could fake it somehow by removing the white balance effect in our materials, but other 3rd party or original C4D materials, lights etc... would still have the white-balance modified. This would look inconsistent and very confusing, so I personally would be against doing such a change.

Thanks, this is definitely something that we should fix!

I wasn't sure where the best place to post bug is - I thought Houska said directly here in daily builds forum?...  or do you mean this is not "just" a daily build bug?

The bug reports section is a bit more organized for us when we want to do bug hunting, however the reports there often don't mention in which version the bug appears. This is implicitly presumed to be the current daily in the daily build section.

Both is fine. Do what works the best for you :-)

Hi edub and thanks a lot for the report! The strings are indeed a bug and we'll fix them in the next daily.

As for the "mesh element" mode, I think you've got it right... Could you tell us what setup doesn't work as expected?

Hi, I tried converting the same exact scene that you are testing (10781_w_Juliette_30k_native.c4d) and both textures link fine for me. That said, the texture manager in R20 does not list both texture, but only one. But if I inspect the bitmap shaders, the textures are correctly linked.

I cannot get the bump mapping to work so we'll check that out, but that's a different problem.

Hi Exactly and sorry for the delayed response.

The fact that render-instanced lights are working in IR is actually a mistake. You see, in C4D, lights can never be render-instanced, so when C4D prepares the lights for rendering at the beginning of the non-IR render, it does not create render-instanced lights. In IR, we make the render objects ourselves and we never realized that lights shouldn't have render instances. So far, we kept this as a feature, but I agree that it might be a bit confusing and we'll probably remove it.

We might create the render objects ourselves even in normal rendering, but there's high risk that we do something incorrectly (and C4D does not document the creation of render objects anywhere), so we'd rather not to. There's however another possible solution and that is force C4D handle our lights as objects. They would then behave exactly like objects with light material for all possible purposes.

As for the issue with the light emitter itself not appearing in the light select render pass, we'll check that and hopefully fix it, because to me it seems like a bug.
Edit: The issue has been confirmed as a bug and has been added to our bug tracking system. Internal tracking ID: 407347327

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Geometry not flat
« on: 2019-10-07, 16:22:38 »
The issue is caused by displacement in your Corona materials

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Multi Instance
« on: 2019-10-01, 08:26:54 »
Hi, we will start working on this missing feature soon. It's something that has been requested a multitude of times, along with render instance and motion blur issues. Because implementing this is a complex feat that needs a lot of designing and research, I can't promise any usable results in a few days. However, we'll keep you posted!

Hi and thanks for the reminder. We are of course aware of this problem and have a fix planned. Just be aware that it will have the same problems as the motion blur, because it has to be implemented using motion blur.

Edit: Of course, ultimately, we want to fix the motion blur problems. Just wanted to warn you that this will not be any sort of a silver bullet.

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