Chaos Corona 8 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D available now

Boost your 3ds Max and Cinema 4D render workflows with more tools and features than ever before, including Chaos Cosmos and Scatter, plus Corona Decal and Slicer.

April 13, 2022

Discover Chaos Corona 8 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

It’s here! Corona for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D has just received its biggest update ever, with dozens of useful new features and tools, plus a fresh lick of paint and a new name: Chaos Corona. Now’s the perfect time to give Corona a spin — and you can start a 45-day trial, even if you’ve tried it before.

New features in Corona 8 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D include:

  • Chaos Cosmos - Instant content for your scenes, at no charge, accessible within your 3D software.
  • Chaos Scatter - Add rocks, plants, and other details to your scene with ease.
  • Corona Decal - Easily add surface details or imperfections, including displacement, from within the 3D viewport, reducing the need to fiddle with UV placement, making it the best-in-industry solution for decals that we know of!
  • Corona Slicer - Create easy cutaways that can be animated, which are faster, more forgiving on topology, and have none of the instability of geometry-based booleans.
  • Corona Curvature map - Add dirt or wear-and-tear to objects with ease.
  • Cryptomatte support - Make post-processing easier than ever.
  • Customisable Tone Mapping in the VFB - More realistic results with greater customization options, as you can now create your own customisable stack of tone mapping controls.
  • Adjustable PBR reflection tail - Even more realistic materials allowing for “softer” reflections without the blurriness of Roughness/Glossiness.
  • Caustics Include/Exclude control.
  • Plus much, much more . . .

Join the webinar to find out more about Corona 8

You’re invited to join the Corona team for a live webinar on April 28, 2022. They’ll walk you through all the new features so you can see how they’ll improve your workflow.