Corona 9 for Cinema 4D, Hotfix 1 released

December 1, 2022

This release provides the following bug fixes:

  • Added 55 materials in material library that were missing in comparison to material library in 3ds Max (Glass, Nature and Plastic categories).
  • Fixed crash on macOS when opening color picker from Corona VFB when Redshift is installed.
  • Fixed problem with installer sometimes showing error on macOS even when everything installs correctly.
  • Fixed IR crashes occurring in some specific cases (usually either complex scenes or some specific combinations with e.g. Xpresso usage).
  • Fixed problem with Corona Lights still showing in viewport even when viewport visibility was off or whole light was disabled.
  • Fixed problem with IR not correctly updating when changing materials in Include/Exclude list in material overrides.
  • Fixed missing UI button icons in Scanned material UI in older versions of Cinema 4D.
  • Scanned material no longer shows requirement for V-Ray in its description in UI.
  • Fixed problem with tone mapping from camera not being applied when rendering via Team Render Server.