Get inspired, get feedback, get assistance.

Get inspired

Corona users don’t just own a piece of software — they become part of a community which includes us here at the company and fellow renderers around the world.

As artists, one thing we all love doing is looking at beautiful images — sometimes for inspiration, sometimes just for the joy of it!

If you want to feed your imagination, our carefully-curated Gallery is filled with incredible art from our users:

You can see more great artwork on the blog, which is both a visual treat and a learning resource with “making of” articles that take you behind the scenes on how art was made:

For a regular dose of incredible user artwork, you’ll want to follow our official Instagram and Facebook pages.

Get feedback

Our Forum Gallery is open to everyone. It’s a great place to share your own work and catch the latest on what our users are creating. There are even dedicated Work In Progress and Learner’s Corner categories, safe spaces where you can get constructive feedback on your work as you learn Corona:

Get assistance

The community is not just a way to view content, it’s also a place to talk, get to know us and other users, and start conversations. For example, if you get stuck on how to achieve a certain result, we and our users are there to help, whether you use 3ds Max or Cinema 4D!

Everyone loves new releases. We celebrate them with live webinars, which talk you through new features and give you the chance to pose any questions. This page will let you view past webinars, and keep you up to date on forthcoming ones!