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No more samples or subdivs.
Lights creation simplified.


It’s time to explore the individual aspects of Corona, and we’ll start where it all begins, with lights. The whole process of creating lights is designed to give artists complete control over their scene, while being fast and intuitive.

Apoco77 by Jesus Selvera

No Sampling Parameters

There are no sampling parameters that you would have to set by trial and error. Lights will always work as expected.

Corona Light UI

Corona Lights and Corona Light Material

There is no difference in behavior between a Corona Light object and a geometry object with the Corona Light Material applied – both of them have almost the same options and deliver the same results, so it is up to the artist to use what is more convenient!

CoronaLight vs CoronaLightMtl

Lights and Rendering Speed

In Corona, there is very little penalty for using mesh lights which have a high polycount. They will perform as well as low–poly ones with the same shape. Also, directional and IES lights render almost as fast as regular diffuse lights.

No More Dome Lights for HDRI

There’s no need to set up an object to act as a dome light for HDR image–based rendering – just put your HDRI into the 3D software’s environment and you are done! There is also no need to put downsampled / blurred versions of the map into a GI override slot – HDRIs in Corona always work fast and without splotches, regardless of resolution or complexity.

No more Dome Lights for HDRI

Corona Sun and Sky System

Corona Renderer was the first production render engine to implement the most accurate sky system available today – the Hošek-Wilkie sky. It is currently selected as the default whenever sun and sky is used, so adding those to your scene will get you instant realistic daylight.

Interactive LightMix

With just a single click, you can set up the Interactive LightMix, a feature unique to Corona Renderer that lets you change the color and intensity of lights during or after rendering.

As well as adjusting the color and intensity of each Light Select layer, you can also set up your scene to have multiple suns and multiple environment maps. This lets you render different times of day, with the sun at different angles in the sky, all in just one render. You can then adjust those after rendering in the VFB or in the Corona Image Editor.

Multiple suns and environments in just one render

You can save your LightMix setups for reuse from any camera or viewpoint within the scene, so you can instantly reuse those light setups in different renders from the same scene. LightMix is your answer to getting a daytime scene, a nighttime scene, different lights turned on and off, and more - all in one render.

LightMix comparison

You can also save the separate light passes for compositing or animating later in post-production, which means a single frame can be turned into an animation where the lighting changes.

Take a look at the Interactive LightMix in action in our tutorial videos:

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