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Box License

Old school perpetual license is also available.

Box License

Corona Box license is the traditional, perpetual license model, aimed at users preferring this more conservative licensing option. Its principal advantage is that you can buy the license once and use it forever without any further charges. There are however some disadvantages compared to the FairSaaS model.

Customers with the basic Box license do not have access to any feature updates, only to bugfixes. Access to all upgrades, stable or experimental, is possible only with a paid subscription. This subscription is non-mandatory and can be purchased only during the purchase of the Box license. The subscription is valid for 12 months after the purchase and can be renewed.

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Are FairSaaS and Box licenses equal?

Because we created the FairSaaS license as an improvement of the Box model, we think FairSaaS is the better solution. It eliminates cash flow problems and makes Corona affordable to anyone without large investments. We have however decided to keep the Box option to satisfy all customers.

Can I get more render nodes on Box? Three is not enough.

No. If you need more render nodes, you can buy another license. You can use the workstation license as a render node, so each new Box license gives you 4 more nodes. We have decided not to offer a Box render node license, because we are trying to keep things simple (we would have to make special pricing also for the nodes upgrades, subscriptions, sidegrades, etc.).

What is the "subscription" for Box license?

A subscription with Box license lets you access daily builds, monthly builds, and any major versions released when the subscription is active. It can be bought only together with the Box license. It is valid for 12 months and can be renewed. You can use any Corona version released during your active subscription even if you let the subscription expire.

How is it with the bug fixes if I do not have subscription?

All bug fixes released for version 1.0 will be free even for users without subscription.

What are the upgrade options for box license?

If you did not buy a subscription when purchasing the Box license, you will not have free access to the future feature updates. You will be however eligible for one-time-paid upgrades to future major versions (e.g. 2.0).

Can I buy subscription later after a box purchase?

No, the subscription is bound to the serial number at the time of purchase.

Can I resell my Box license?

Yes you can, but please notify us first, so we can update our records, thanks. If you are buying a license, do not trust unknown people selling licenses over internet. Please contact us first to verify the seller. Some scammers are buying licenses with stolen credit cards and reselling them. Those licenses will get blocked.

Is the subscription valid for 365 days, or until the end of the year?

365 days.

How long until I get a license after I pay?

Few seconds. Immediately after the payment you will get multiple e-mails with your invoice, discounts, and serial numbers that you can immediately use to activate Corona.

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