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FairSaaS License

Corona FairSaaS is our answer to the inflexible perpetual license model, which slows down development and innovation progress, and makes software practically unaffordable in certain economies. Corona FairSaaS is a liberal subscription based model without the hidden agenda written in small print. It has been introduced to make Corona really affordable for everyone.

Quick Facts

  • Unlimited access to all major, monthly, and daily experimental builds.
  • Paid annually or monthly
  • Cancel any time without any penalty
  • One floating workstation license (usable also as a render node) + 3-10 floating render nodes
  • Prices start at 24.99 €/month or 289.99 €/year

Benefits of FairSaaS


Your upfront investment (and risk) is precisely zero. You pay just for the usage of the software. This makes the software affordable to veterans as well as newcomers who are starting their business. Should you quit for any reason, you won't be stuck with a license that cost hundreds of euros.


We know how much starting a business costs. With Corona you can lower these upfront investments, and lower the risk. The development of Corona will benefit also, as it is much easier to plan the development with a steady cash flow instead of living "from release to release".


You can always use any version you want – be it the latest daily build, or an older major build. We will be releasing new features as they are implemented, without having to stash them for the next big paid box upgrade.


There is no minimum contract length – if you go for holiday, simply cancel your license and save some money. This is not always the case with some vendors and the entire SaaS concept gets bad reputation because of it. This cannot be stressed enough.


FairSaaS minimizes the vendor lock-in. Should you at any point decide that Corona has lost its way, you can switch immediately to another renderer without being stuck with an expensive and useless box license.

Drawbacks of FairSaaS


Monthly or yearly payments are necessary to access the unlimited version of software. Without the payment, Corona will switch to a version that can still access and modify scenes, but cannot render them.


To use the license, internet connection is necessary at least once in every few days, so the system can check validity of your license.

FairSaaS Prices

  1. 1WS + 3 NODES for 24.99 €/month or 289.99 €/year
  2. 1WS + 5 NODES for 29.99 €/month or 349.99 €/year
  3. 1WS + 10 NODES for 44.99 €/month or 529.99 €/year

If you need a large number of nodes for a short time period (couple of days for Amazon Cloud Computing Services for example), please contact us and we will tailor a solution for you.

FairSaaS FAQ