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FairSaaS License

Corona FairSaaS is our answer to the inflexible perpetual license model, which slows down development and innovation progress, and makes software practically unaffordable in certain economies. Corona FairSaaS is a liberal subscription based model without the hidden agenda written in small print. It has been introduced to make Corona really affordable for everyone.

Quick Facts

Benefits of FairSaaS

Drawbacks of FairSaaS

FairSaaS Prices

  1. 1WS + 3 NODES for 24.99 €/month
  2. 1WS + 5 NODES for 29.99 €/month
  3. 1WS + 10 NODES for 44.99 €/month

If you need a large number of nodes for a short time period (couple of days for Amazon Cloud Computing Services for example), please contact us and we will tailor a solution for you.

FairSaaS FAQ

Can I get more render nodes on SaaS? 3 is not enough.

YES. You can get the FairSaaS license also with 5 or 10 bundled render nodes instead of 3.

Can I buy a separate render node on SaaS?

No. There is instead the option to get 3, 5, or 10 render nodes with each workstation license. For even more nodes, you can buy a second FairSaaS license. There are no individual render nodes, because the transaction fee we would have to pay to our e-commerce provider would be simply too high.

Can I buy a separate render node pack without workstation license?

No. You can use the included workstation license as a render node as well. The reasoning is that we try to keep the system as simple as possible, and we do not want to introduce another product with a separate price (which would not be significantly lower than buying the regular workstation+nodes bundle anyway).

Can I use Corona on my home pc as well as on my work PC?

Yes, with the FairSaas license it is possible (but not with Box).

I want to use FairSaaS, but I do not want to pay monthly!

We understand it is sometimes more convenient to avoid monthly payments, so we also offer a one–year upfront payment. Because this saves some transaction fees, the price is slightly lower. Choosing this payment is possible during checkout. There is only a small disadvantage: if you cancel, you will not receive a refund for the rest of the year. So you will be giving up this particular advantage of FairSaaS.

Are FairSaaS and Box licenses equal?

Because we created the FairSaaS license as an improvement of the Box model, we think FairSaaS is the better solution. It eliminates cash flow problems and makes Corona affordable to anyone without large investments. We have however decided to keep the Box option to satisfy all customers.

Why did we invent the FairSaaS?

In the traditional “upgrade model”, a company releases paid version 1.0 of a software, then it works on new features for another 12-24 months, while releasing some minor updates for free in the meantime. As this business model is based on paid upgrades, the company must decide which features to release for free as updates and which to stash and keep unpublished until the release of future paid upgrade to version 2.0.

This behaviour is necessity for the traditional “upgrade model”: Companies need income from paid upgrades to survive in the long run. Unfortunately this model also artificially slows down natural progress of the software development because the development schedule is forced to adapt to the business needs.

This is why we do not like this “upgrade model”. We always want to deliver the latest tech as soon as possible, and we never want to make decisions hurting the product to keep the business afloat (such as postponing the release of a new major feature until the version 2.0 is out).

So we had to look for alternatives. That’s why we came up with the FairSaaS as a solution to this problem. It enables us to always deliver the latest tech with fair price and conditions, and it makes our development truly independent of business aspects.

Is the license valid for 30/365 days, or until the end of the year?

All monthly licenses are valid for 1 month, not only until the end of the month. Same for the yearly licenses: they are valid for 365 days from the purchase date.

How long until I get a license after I pay?

Few seconds. Immediately after the payment you will get multiple e-mails with your invoice, discounts, and login that you can immediately use to activate Corona.

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