General terms and conditions

Corona Christmas Contest

I. Preamble

  1. Organizer of the Corona Christmas Contest (“Contest”) is Chaos Czech a.s., seated at Karlovo namesti 288/17, 120 00 Prague, Czech Republic, ID: 029 83 842 (“Us”, We” or “Our”). For more information about Us, go to:
  2. Participation in the Contest is free of charge and no purchase of goods or services from Us is required, neither will it improve your chances of winning.
  3. By taking part in the Contest, you agree to be bound by these Terms. The Terms must be accepted without any reservation, addendum, or variation.

II. Duration

  1. The Contest is held from 1st December 2022 to 14th December 2022. Social media posts with the entries may be shared no sooner than 12:00 CET on the first day of the Contest, until 18:00 CET on the last day.

III. Territorial scope and eligibility

  1. The Contest is held worldwide, over social media platform Instagram, and promoted online. It is open to participants from all countries, unless against public laws of a particular country.
  2. Employees, representatives, or contractors of the Organizer, and their family members are not eligible to take part.

IV. Rules

  1. To participate, you must create a public post on your Instagram profile sharing your original visual work rendered in Chaos Corona (any version). The objective is to capture the “magic of Christmas” as well as possible. In addition, your post must contain a hashtag #cozychristmas3d and a tag of Our Instagram account: @coronarenderer.
  2. You may post an unlimited number of your artworks for the duration of the Contest, as long as they meet the parameters set out here.
  3. After the Contest has ended, We will choose one winner from all the submitted artworks. The winner will be awarded a one-year Corona Premium subscription subject to his/her choice (“Prize”).
  4. The winning artwork will be selected collectively by Our team. When making the selection, we will take into consideration the quality and originality of your creation, and the extent to which it met the objective.
  5. The winner will be announced no later than by the end of year 2022. We will contact him/her within a week after the announcement through his/her Instagram account. The winner must reply within ten (calendar) days thereafter, providing requested details needed to set up a license, along with the screenshot of the winning scene to confirm authorship. Otherwise the right to the Prize will cease to exist.
  6. There are no restrictions on submitting entries that have been submitted to other competitions or have previously been published in public. However, entries from previous years of the Contest are not eligible, unless materially changed.

V. Personal data

  1. By entering the Contest, you acknowledge that We or Our partners will process your personal data (Instagram account name and contact details) for the purposes of this Contest, along with presenting and promoting the final results.
  2. In case you win the Contest, you understand that we may use your public Instagram details (account name, profile image or likeness) for the purposes of announcing the results and for associated advertising/promotional purposes on our website and social media. Additionally, personal data of the winner will be processed for the performance of the contract (license agreement, see below).
  3. Please, be advised that your social media profile may be shared and publicly viewed in association with this Contest.
  4. For more information on how We process personal data, and for your rights, go to:

VI. License agreement

  1. In the event that you win the Contest, you agree that We may use your winning work on social media and Our websites for promotional and marketing purposes of Our products and services, and products and services of Chaos Group members (
  2. In legal terms, you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, unlimited right (license) to use the winning work for the purposes stated in the previous article. The license is granted for an indefinite period and may be revoked after the first year of its duration. The license is effective on the day of announcing the winning artwork. We have no obligation to use the license. Credits will be attached with each use of the work, unless prevented by technical limitations of the particular use.

VII. Miscellaneous

  1. This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered, and is no responsibility of Instagram. Terms and conditions of Instagram may apply to this Contest when binding upon the participants and shall take precedence.
  2. You are responsible for the accuracy of the data provided to Us.
  3. In respect to the artworks submitted by you represent and warrant that:
    (1) The artworks were created by you;
    (2) You have all the right to submit the artwork to the Contest and to grant Us rights subject to the Terms;
    (3) The artworks do not infringe on intellectual property of others;
  4. In case of violation of these Terms, attempted fraud, or providing false data to Us, We reserve the right to terminate your participation at the Contest and/or withdraw the Prize from you. The right for damages shall not be affected.
  5. The entitlement to Prize is not legally enforceable and the Prize may not be assigned, transferred, or replaced by another item or money.
  6. These terms have been construed according to the laws of the Czech Republic. The applicable law is the law of the Czech Republic.
  7. We reserve the right, at Our discretion, to amend or supplement these Terms, or terminate this Contest prematurely, in case of any circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as, technical failure, fraud, legislative changes. Amended or supplemented Terms will be published on Our website. In all such cases, we promise to make reasonable effort to honour Our original commitments or supersede them with substantially the same or similar arrangements.
  8. We do not reimburse participants for any costs related to their participation in this Contest.
  9. These Terms are final and constitute the sole document that sets forth terms and conditions between Us and participants in respect to the Contest.
  10. The Terms are published on our website and will be present for the duration of the Contest.
  11. We assume no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defects, or delay in operation, transmission of communication lines, computer systems, servers, or participants’ use of Instagram. We shall not be liable for any damage caused to participants, their use of IT equipment, data stored therein, or other consequences arising from their involvement in the Contests.

Prague, 30th November 2022