Chaos Corona for 3ds Max

More than just a render engine.

Corona is there to help you before you hit the render button…

Chaos Scatter helps you set up your scene, making it possible to add rocks, grass, trees, plants, and much more. You can precisely control where these objects are added, making it easy to carve a path through a forest, or have rocks follow the course of a river.

Corona raises the bar when it comes to helping you set up your scenes with ease.

When you want to add potholes or markings to a road, fingerprints on windows, and more, then Decals will make that an easy and even fun process.

Walls, plants, or furniture getting in the way of your camera? Need to cut away the roof to see the rooms inside? Want to expose the engine in a car? This is where the Slicer/Clipper steps in!

…then makes creating your scenes easy…

You can find lots of materials to use in Chaos Cosmos but when you are ready to start building your own materials, the Corona Physical Material makes it easy, guiding you to ensure every material you make is physically realistic. We walk you through it in three hours worth of tutorials. Watch the whole series, or jump to the specific chapter for the type of material you are working on.

…and is there after your render is complete!

Adjust the color and intensity of your lighting — even after rendering is complete! Whether it’s a subtle adjustment to the lights, or turning day into night, LightMix makes it possible:

You can harness the power of the Corona VFB outside 3ds Max. The Corona Image Editor is a small standalone program that has all the features of the VFB, from tone mapping, to bloom & glare, to LightMix, letting you adjust the look of a completed render. You can also use it to process other image files such as JPGs and EXRs — just don’t expect LightMix and Denoising for those 😉.