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Educational Institutions

Empowering next generation of artists with affordable industry-standard technology.

Luigi Cerbone / MOONO

Tool-up your classroom with Corona for 3ds Max and Corona for Cinema 4D with 85% discount.

Equip your computer labs with Chaos’ industry-standard technology to help your students reach their full potential and prepare for career success.

Chaos Corona is a powerful, photo-realistic renderer, and fully integrated into Cinema 4D and 3ds Max.

It delivers high quality and physically accurate results and is easy and intuitive. Make use of all the benefits that Chaos Corona has to offer.

Ease of use

Chaos Corona is one of the easiest to learn render engines. Its setup really is as simple as pressing “Render”! Most new users will learn Chaos Corona in just one day, and fall in love with it over the next few.

Rendering quality

Chaos Corona delivers predictable, reliable, and physically plausible results with no compromises in quality. Realistic lighting and materials are yours right out of the box.


While we aim for realism, we also understand how important it is to “bend” physical laws to deliver the results your clients expect. To keep your artistry free, Corona supports numerous reality hacks which allow you to get exactly the effect you desire!

Speed & interactivity

Speed is an important factor in any production environment, and a renderer must always deliver results as fast as possible.


The whole process of creating lights is designed to give artists complete control over their scene, while being fast and intuitive.


Our design goal for Corona materials is to make them physically based, yet intuitive, flexible, and easy to set up.

Educational institutions are entitled to up to 85% discount on all educational products.

Get in touch with us and we will prepare a tailored offer to your academic needs.


Do your academic staff need help teaching our software?
To help educators incorporate our tools into the curriculum and get ready for their 3D rendering classes, we’ve prepared a number of useful resources, including: